Friday, May 15, 2015

Easter in Santa Anna

We left for Santa Anna late on 
the eve of Good Friday...
it was a late night drive but so worth
it to get in as much time as we could
for Easter with our family.  
We had baseball on Saturday so 
couldn't stay the whole weekend:(
Most everyone was at James and Cindy's
when we got there.
So DaNCE PaRTy it was!!!!!!!!!!
It was so fun!!!!!!
James and Cindy's patio is 
where it's AT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The next morning our "visiting" began...
Playing at Grandma Pierce's...
I NEVER know what I'm going 
to find on my phone after
my kiddos have had it!!!!!!!!!!
It's always an adventure with them!  
Of course they had to RACE...
Good Friday :)
So thankful on this Good Friday
and every other day of the year...
CoNFeTTi EgGs!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is how we roll around town;)
Hadlee, Jolie and I went shopping down town...
I had so much fun with these two 
cute cousins!!!!!!!!!!!!
Flower Power :)
Friday evening was another amazing
meal cooked by James and Cindy 
(and pizza for my kids!).
THEN more dance party of course!!!
LOVE being with family!!!
An Easter Egg Hunt on the spur:)
Father & Son with Suckers;)
We love it when Jack is here......
Jessica, Chris and Tyler were on 
their way there but we had to head home:(...
we waited for them though ~
they needed a proper welcome home!!!
None of us could wait to see them!!!
We all love our Luke!!!!!!!!!!!!
in honor of Luke, Jessica and Chris!!!
Luke loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love our family
and didn't want to have to leave:(
James with his Mini-Me, Hudson!  
We enjoyed our time spent with 
Great Grandma Pierce, too.  
It was SO good to see MaMaw, too!
Several generations of Pierces:)
It was SO late driving home
that night and I kept trying to 
pretend that I wasn't sleeping;)
which wasn't hard when Troy kept
using his iPhone flash light on ME!!!!
It was a very quick trip, but it
was filled with lots of family, food and 
fun.  Doesn't get much better than that!  :)

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