Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cattle Baron's Ball 2009

Big Man & I attended the Cattle Baron's Ball
in June. This is a HUGE benefit for
The Amercian Cancer Society.
The whole thing is amazing...
the speakers, the auction, the food, the
western theme, the concerts, the volunteers
(my favorite being T-dawg himself
who works his booty off for this event...
and I LOVE this about him!),
the festivities and most of all,
I am always amazed at the people and
their generosity on this night.
A friend of mine spoke
about having cancer as a teenager and
within five minutes after she spoke,
a few people stood up to give a
total of $50,000
to help provide rides for patients
to their treatments.
And that's really nothing compared
to what else is raised on that night.
People are really good at heart.

It was also SO nice to be out with my man!
I only got sick once during the night
(that's good!).
It was pretty low key for us this year.
Because of that I didn't even ride the bull!
(Last time I rode the bull was five
weeks after I had Hadlee...
so there's hope for next Cattle Baron's!).

While we were gone, Walker and Hadlee
were not missing us ONE BIT AT ALL!
They had CoCo and Kate Kate
all to themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kelli knows our routines and our lives
really better than anyone.
I have no worries when she has my kiddos!
Obviously neither do Walker and Haddie!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Play Dates Gone Wild

Walker & Hadlee love to have their
friends over to play.

Here is a sweet little Hoodie who
came to play with Haddie one day...
Walker had a friend over at the same time
and these two guys couldn't stay away
from the girls!!!
I personally love a play date with my
Walker Man even if he does cheat...
And boy oh boy, you better hope he WINS!!!
This play date last week was only wild to
one person...Walker!!!
Because it was ALL GIRLS and him!!!
Actually such a fun day with one of my dearest,
most beautiful friends (Betsy)
and her precious girls here from San Diego!
Now this particular play date the boys actually
were including Haddie...as long as
she acted like a puppy dog.They soon realized that she needed
to really play the role of their dog...
This was Walker's second Halloween costume.
It was a HOOT that night...
I'll never forget him in this.
Have you ever seen Clifford be so cute?!?Luckily our play dates always end up
pretty sweet...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Three Sweet Years So Far

Last week, I took Haddie Girl for her
three year check up
(she actually turned three on April 25th).
Sweet Girl was such a BIG GIRL!!!
She sat on that table and waited
for our doctor and then was so
good while he examined her.
Thankfully, Haddie received a perfect
bill of health at her three year appointment.
I couldn't be more thankful to God for that.
Hadlee weighs 31 pounds and is 38 inches tall.
If I remember correctly, she's in the 30 percentile
on weight and 50%ile on height.
Here she is with our doctor who I can't
say enough good things about.
He takes the best care of our entire family.

This little girl is growing up right before my very eyes.
She is so funny and sweet...and fiesty!!!
She brings so much joy to our lives.
Haddie loves to play Polly Pocket, her favorite
color is orange, and she loves babies.
Hadlee loves to eat brownie bites and corny
dogs. She also loves to go to the front
door all by herself and pretend
that she is CoCo (Kelli G.) coming over.
Haddie loves to play & dance.
She also loves to pretend she is
Miss Debbie (our hairdresser).
Gymnastics is her favorite activity.
Of course she can throw a fit
with the very best of them...
dramatic as they come when need be!

But very most of all, she is crazy about
her brother, her daddy and her mommy.
I have never known a sweeter love.
I don't know what I did to deserve
a child this sweet.
A little bit of Heaven on Earth.

We love our Haddie Pattie Pie!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Heart is on Fire for...

my Sweet Baby Love!!!

We hit the 14 week mark this week.
Unfortunately I am still having quite
a bit of nausea/getting sick
(thank the good Lord for Zofran!)
and my heartburn is RAGING...
in a way like never before!
But it's allllllllllllll good...
I fall more and more in love with
this little thing every single day!
Especially after seeing him/her on
a sonogram on Tuesday!!!
(No official word on the sex...
we're still thinking boy or girl! ha!)

Awwwwwwww...Sweet Baby Love,
I already love you more than words can say!!!

14 weeks in all of its glory...
(remember who my photographer is?!?)

I've actually lost about seven pounds, but have no fear I'll make up for it in the weeks ahead!!!Daddy did get home to take this 14 week picture of me...

I asked him to get a tummy shot and this is what I got...
that's my man!!!Big Daddy and I did get out for a
night recently and I think you
can see Baby Love's Bump quite nicely in
this picture. We joked that we were out
on a date, but we still had to bring
one kid with us!!! Luckily,
Baby Love was an angel all night long!
As far as the Big Brother & Big Sister go,
they are cute as everything talking about
Baby Love!

If you ask Hadlee what she wants,
she goes back and forth.
Her favorite answer, though, is:
"I want A LOT of Babies"When we told Walker that we saw
the baby's picture on Tuesday,
he asked if the baby had a
bow or a willy!!!
That's the way you tell a girl from a boy, right?!?

Sometimes I can hardly wait when I think about this little one...especially when I remember I have 26 weeks to go!!! I pray ever so hard for Baby Love to be healthy ~ that's all that matters. I was so excited to see that little heart beat and a sweet little hand and just the entire shape of his or her body. I worry myself over that little angel because I feel so bad and I don't want him or her to feel like I do!!! God is so good and babies are such a miracle!

I am just overflowing with gratitude.

(And heartburn!)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

What's Been Up?!?

Well, first of all it was V-DAY!!!
Yes, that was T-dawg on his way into
the Urology Clinic for his vasectomy!!!
He was such a BIG boy and did great!
(Even when I got a horrible stomach virus the very next day...poor guy didn't really get his full recovery!). He's a stud with his swimmers and without! hee hee!
We saw some zoo animals at our library with
some little hoodies...Haddie pretended to be the octomom...We played with our favorite girl, Kate Kate...Walker wrestled with his good buddy from school
named Braden... Haddie did some modelling at the Gap...
We swam with sweet friends from kindergarten...
Walker and some buddies went for a day of games and crafts and pizza at our church...Speaking of church,
probably the most beneficial thing we've done
this summer is finally JOIN our church!
It's something Troy and I
have both wanted to do for quite some time and
we finally did! I am so thankful.
I have such a peace when I am inside this
church and the staff and members
are just amazing. I feel God's love at FBCW.

As for me, my heart is burning (literally) with
love for the little baby growing inside of me.
My next post will be about Baby Love...
14 weeks on Tuesday!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July ~ Then and Now

July 2006...

My sweet boy was three and my baby girl was three months...

July 2007... July 2008...
July 2009...
My sweet boy is six and my baby girl is three...

I love July!!!