Saturday, December 26, 2015

Walker's Eye Sight

So on this day at the beginning of June
(the first day of summer to be exact)
when I took Walker to see Dr. G
for his 7th grade physical,
the first thing the nurse did was an
eye test.  I was hardly paying attention
b/c I was visiting with the nurses.  
Then Walker and the nurse caught
my attention in a BiG way because
Walker couldn't read the letters
on the eye chart.  I literally thought
he was joking and got onto him.
I quickly realized it was no joke.
My boy couldn't see the letters
on the eye chart!!!!!!!!!
We went in the room with Dr. G
and the first thing he said was
what was up with Walker's eye test?!?
He took Walker back out to 
confirm the finding of the failed eye test...
and sure poor 
Walker D. couldn't read the letters
on the eye chart.  I could not believe it!
How had he never mentioned this 
and how had we not known?!?
My baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dr. G asked if he had hit the ball
at all during baseball and I said, yes...
and Dr. G said that with these results
that was quite astounding!  
Troy and I were just shocked and felt
terrible over this!!!  
Apparently kids - especially
over achievers/pleasers like Walker - just 
over compensate and make due 
with their eyes even when they start
not being able to see well.  
We immediately got him into
an awesome eye doctor that Dr. G suggested
who wasn't even on our insurance, 
but we wanted a good one;)
Come to find out this doctor is the
husband to a really sweet friend 
at the kids' school.  
I had never even known her 
last name until I put it together
at the doctor that day.  
Always liked her so much 
and when I told her we had 
been to see her husband, he took away
the charge of our visit!
I hadn't even mentioned he wasn't
on our insurance!
People are so kind!!!

Sure enough Walker's eye sight was
terrible.  We just still couldn't 
believe it!  The doctor said it
probably had not affected his 
sight at school since things are done
on the iPads and such, but definitely
in baseball.  Walker wasn't seeing
the very fast balls coming at him
until the ball was almost to the bat. 
God bless him!
Taking the eye doctor's office by storm!;)
Walker was so cool with it all
and opted to get contacts as soon as possible.
Honestly I thought the whole 
contacts thing would be a disaster.
I was so wrong though.  He took
right to them and hasn't looked back;)
He maybe struggled with the first
day of getting them in and out, but
that was it!  He was SO PUMPED 
to be able to see.  He commented on 
so many seeing the 
leaves on trees for the first time.
Poor kid had really been struggling
and I felt terrible that we had 
not realized this!  
When we went back a couple 
of weeks later for a contacts check, 
I made him look at
glasses even though he didn't want to.  
Cade was with us and we had fun...
Of course!  ;)
I love these kids so much!
It's always fun with them.  Always.  
Troy and I both really struggled feeling
like this was a #parentfail moment not knowing 
Walker couldn't see.  I loved Dr. G's
response to our worries......
Obviously in the great scheme of things
Walker not being able to see well 
and having to get contacts is NOTHING.
Compared to what many parents face
and what any day we could have to face
(you just never, ever know!),
I'll take this ALL DAY LONG!
It just caught us off guard...
I'm still laughing that I accused
Walker of joking on his very first
eye test and also accusing him 
of not knowing his letters!  LOL!

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