Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Port A with the Millers

Road trip to Port Aransas for the 
Pierce Party of Five!!!
A glimpse into her teen years??!?!!??!!!?
Over five hours in the car!  
Pure happiness!  ha ha!
Actually they did great!
We had FUN!!!
Our dear friends we made through
our boys playing baseball together 
had invited us to their GORGEOUS 
home on the coast!!!
It was beautiful!!!
The kids jumped right in...literally!
The kids were so happy to be with
Kullen and Kannon:)
They also got right into 
"mattress surfing"!!!!!!
Immediately they were having a BLAST!
Gorgeous Place!!!
Troy, Wade and Kannon 
went fishing that evening...
Coast life agrees very well 
with my handsome man!
Troy and Wade were back at it
early the next morning before
we were even awake:)
One of their awesome boats...
Boat Ride!!!!!!!!!!!!
Walker LOVED this!
Sister loved the pool!
For all that know me,
this is hilarious!
My new profile picture;)  ha ha!
Classic RARE pic...
ME kayaking with my kids ;)
We were having so much fun!
Gorgeous Weather!
Walker wanted to stay in 
the kayak all day long! 
Lunch at a restaurant on the water...
Nerf Guns!!!!!!!!!!!!
And more swimming!
Mommy in a very happy place(:
The coast agrees with this
beautiful little girl, too!
We had a blast the entire time we were there!
I love the way God brings people
together.  These kiddos get along
so well and have so much fun together!
We missed the oldest being there...
Kade!  We love us some Kade M.  
In Time Out ;)
But so handsome;)
I wouldn't let him back in the pool!  ;)
Such a beautiful place...
This kid LOVED it there!
God is good.  
Thanking God for such a beautiful 
place and trip...
With my sweet little family 
and dear friends:)
BLeSSeD BeYoND BeLieF!!!!!!!!!!
More fishing that evening...
Pizza and Teen Beach Movie!
Night fishing...

The next day the big guys got up VERY
early to go deep see fishing while
we slept in, took our time and jumped
to go to Port A to the Beach!!!
My Beach BABE!!!
Thank you, Lord!
My three loves at my favorite place...
the beach!  
You just can't help
but look at the ocean and think about
how vast God's love and power is.  
Melt my heart.
These two had so much 
fun at the beach!!!
My Gorgeous Girl!!!
Love her so much:)
My hunk!  Almost a teenager!!!
"M heart T"
They loved the waves!!!
9, 5, 12
Photo bombing Kannon, age 9!
This girl is such a blast!
I love her sweet smile and spirit:)
She wanted to do this all day long...
I could have watched her do 
this all day long, too:)
Pure JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!
"We heart Grandmother and PaPa" in the sand!
Mommy's Happy Place
So happy to be there with my 
dear friend and two of her boys, too!  
We went into town to eat lunch
and explore Port A! 
These two are so fun!
I scream, I scream
We all scream for ice cream!!!!!!
The dads had an awesome day of 
deep sea fishing.  It was Troy's first excursion like
this and he caught the most!!!
These two are quite the pair...
the dads, I mean!  
I love their funny and true friendship.
My FisherMAN!
This handsome guy loves the coast! 
And I love him.  
But of course...a post on Insta!  ;)
We had the most wonderful, 
relaxing few days.....
The Millers' home is beautiful...
and we were so very grateful 
that they invited us.  
This was one of my most favorite
trips ever.  It was so fun and relaxing.
I had my favorite four with me
and the dearest of friends.  

Plus I kayaked;)

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