Sunday, December 27, 2015

Father's Day 2015

Heading in to Church on Father's Day ...
And then leaving...
Couldn't be sweeter...
Oh how these two love each other(:
I have a FULL heart on Father's Day.
Typical Troy;)
I LOVE my Baby Daddy:)
Happy Father's Day...
This note from Hadlee...
"You take up a lot in my heart."
He had to put on his sunglasses
for a reason (hiding his tears!!!)...
These four take up pretty much my
My own Dad (and Mom) 
get the rest of my heart!

That evening we had my parents,
Lynna, Hunter and Travis over to
eat and celebrate Dad:)
Hunter brings so much fun!!!
And this guy is our miracle!
But today we were all about
celebrating our main man...
our handsome, dignified, funny,
wonderful DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He's always had to put up with us
silly, crazy girls!  He'd have it 
no other way though;)
He's hardly even phased by it;)
Michelle had been to see him earlier
otherwise she would have been 
right with us;)
We love this man with all 
of our hearts:)
And this sweet woman!
It was a fun evening!

These are some of my very favorite
 pictures of my Dad and me ...
they exemplify the love he 
has ALWAYS had for me and 
shown me!  
He's done nothing but love and support
me my whole entire life.
Pretty much without question ~
always on my side.
(except when I didn't play well in basketball!)  
ha ha!
And even for more thankful
that my children have the most wonderful
Dad who loves them the same
way mine has always loved me!
A very happy father's day 2015!

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