Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Boys of Summer

This was the summer of 7th grade boys.
Silly, crazy 12 year old boys!
Cade, Walker, Cort
I might should mention it was
the summer of 7th grade boys
always in MY car!
This particular morning on our way
to strength and conditioning,
I kinda sorta ran over Anson's 
trash can after we picked him up.
We could not get the trash can
out from under my car and the boys
could NOT be late for football,
so I did what any other responsible
mother to a car load of boys would do
and continued to drive with the 
trash can connected to my car.  
We were almost to Cade's when it
fell off and the boys took off
to go get the trash can.
So they could haunt me with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I spent many summer mornings
trying to peak into our
indoor facility to see my boy playing football! ;)
Walker worked so hard all summer long!
Boys in my car.
Boys in my house.
Boys in my driveway.
I wouldn't have it any other way!!!
Four of my FAVES:)
WAC (Wednesday After Church)
was a popular and fun adventure
all summer long.  
HOT HOOPS in the evenings at MMS
...playing against a long
lost friend!  We played baseball with
Brayden several years ago at the Family
Center.  So cool to run into him
and his family again:) 
HFalls  many times WITH boys;)
But there, they hooked up with GIRLS!!!
My absolute favorite little boy...
Who happens to be the favorite
of many of the big boys, too!  
MHS Basketball Camp!!!!!!!!
These guys did awesome!!!!
Glad I always had my girl 
during this summer of boys! ;)

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