Saturday, December 26, 2015

Summer This and Thats

Summer Lovin'...
it really does happen so fast!
My Little Hugh...
Sunday School Cuties
Her giggles.
Walker was invited to a going away party
for a sweet boy from school.  
Walker hated to see him move.  They 
had just become friends this year in 6th grade.
Cruisin' down to the Conners...
Monkey see, Monkey do.  
Daddy see, Hudson do.  
I've never seen anything quite like it. 
Overnight, this kid realized he 
wanted to be just like Daddy.  
In every single possible way.  
I love a Facebook post like this...
and I love Facebook for this reason.
You never know who needs to see or
read or hear something that God
has put on your heart to share.  
At the doctor with my sweet baby love...
He will always be that to me(:
Fun at Freddy's in between Walker's
Hot Hoops basketball games!
EEEEKS ................
I found a SNAKE on my walk!!!!!!!!
Everyone just had to check it out...
Hudson was especially interested...
He decided to film a 
"Hudson's Fantastical Show"
on sight;)
Adorable Girlies at the Falls!
And one cool kid!
Some young men and some girls, too! ;)
Backyard FUN with water balloons!

Miss Pierce got Hudson dressed up
for "picture" day;)
L-O-V-E it.  
How could you not?!?
Walking into church with his 
Bible and his "phone"...
They are my summer!
Mr. Active
Huds is such a funny guy and 
such a blast to be with all the time:)
Since Walker might be getting too big and
too cool for his teenage britches;) and 
is off doing this and that with buddies, 
I sure am thankful for these two who
bring so much JOY into every single day!
So proud of his new iPad mini after
 his hand-me-down iPad went on the blink!
Sweet Sleeping Summer Sister...
Sometimes the last place I turn to help
for is my Bible.  Wonder why that is?
It's the only place that ever really does
have the answer.  I'm trying to be more
diligent in studying God's word.
Loved this that I came across...
it's so true ~ we are all a bit weary 
in this life.  Thankful this life isn't it!
My FaVoRiTE FouR
on a summer evening stroll...

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