Monday, August 7, 2017

Pumpkin Patch Punishment

So one day we were out and about
and Walker was being all TeenAGeRiSH!!!;)
I told him his punishment was that
we had to take pumpkin pictures!!!!!
As you can see that went over 
really well!!!!!!!!!!  ha ha
We were cracking up at him!!!!!!!
Even when he has some attitude, 
the kid is so quick to change it
and laugh it off for me.  
He's such a good kid........
and so fun to joke with just because
he is so reserved, well-mannered
and good!  I love him so much!
Then the other two wanted in 
on the picture!!!!!!!!!!!!
The cutest!!!!!!!!!!!!
And the sweetest!!!!!!!!!!
........Kiddos AROUND!!!!!!!!!!!❤
I am one lucky and grateful mama!!!❤

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