Thursday, August 3, 2017

Homecoming & Hoop-De-Doo 2016

Homecoming 2016!!!!!!
This was a very special Homecoming because
our Haley Girl was a nominee!!!!!
I took Hadlee out of school to come
to the parade and pep rally that morning:)
Here comes our girl!!!!!!
Isn't she gorgeous!?!??!!!
Pep Rally Time!!!!!!!!!!
SUCH a special and beautiful girl to us!!!
So fun that Kimmie was there, too!!!
We loved having Hadlee join us:)
Sweet Boy's Journal!!!!!!!!!!!
With all of his favorite players' numbers:)
That night............
Some of Walker's buddies
took dates to Homecoming and some
chose not to...Walker was in the latter group
of course!  ha!  
Instead they had a big, fun group go eat!!!
I really thought it was the perfect
way to spend their 8th grade Homecoming!!!
They were so fun and cute!!!!
Garrett, Walker, Peyton, Lanna, Kate, Caroline,
Ella Reid, Anson, Shep
CUTE group of kiddos!!!!!!!!!!!
Kelli drove the girls
and I drove the crazy BOYS!!!!!!!!!
We had to stop at the funny 
Hillary v. Trump house!!!
Kinda wish I could bottle up this cute age!
FuN Moms!!!!!!!;)
They would have been the cutest
Homecoming Couple there!!!
Then I met up with these cutie pies❤
Daddy's Girl❤
Our beautiful NOMINEE came
up to see us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♡
Our favorite Superman was there, too!!!
We couldn't get enough of her!!!
Dr. M and his girl!!!
Troy was disappointed that he didn't
get to be on her other side;)
It's such an honor to be a nominee
at MHS!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats to our beautiful girl!!!!

Next up was the HOOP-DE-DOO that night!!!
I was a sponsor for half the night!
First stop was PoppaRollos for pizza!!!!!
What a FUN, FULL day and night!!!
Happy Homecoming 2016❤

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