Wednesday, August 2, 2017

October 2016

Always a good time no matter where we are;)
Mr. V's new war bonnet!!!
The kids and I like to go and see
his new items in his collection!
Selfies from a sleep over at the Hawkins! :)
Beautiful fall flowers from my Mother
for our anniversary 
and new Yeti's for my mom & sisters!!!!!!!
I love this little man.  
My only kid who eats cereal!!!!!!!!!!
So every classroom had to decorate a 
door for Homecoming.  
This was the inspiration for my class:
...and this is the way it turned out!!!!!!!
This adorable little girl just makes
me smile so much!!!
So does this guy!
"Made for October" Rangers shirt...
although Huds was made for EVERY month!
A little flashback❤
She's growing up way too fast!!!
Speaking of growing up too fast,
Walker in the driver's seat really 
isn't THAT far off!!!!!  Hold me!
Big Huds made his first trip
to the deer lease!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My Deer Lease Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!
The girlies met up with Hunter B, 
Aunt Lynna & Grandmother for lunch!
Plus some shopping of course!!!!!
Crazy to see where we were 6 years ago...
(Texas Neuro Hospital for our Superman)
I loved reading Hudson's journal 
entries every Sunday evening;)
Red Ribbon Week!!! 
Crazy Sock Day.........

"Just Say No"!!!!
7th Period Shenanigans!!!!!!!!!!!!
This girl cracks me up!!!!
She loves the massage chairs at the mall;)
How about my little cowboy 
on Western Day on South Bosque's website!!!
Hat Day!!!!!!!!!!!
He's always thinking sports ;)
Huds loves seeing his favorite PAL
when she happens to be at South Bosque!
Hadlee & Cadence at a football game!!!
So fun:)
Troy's big boss presenting him with 
an award!!!  Dad's dear friend, too:)
The FACES that Hadlee captures
in the back seat of my car.....;)
Back to GYMNASTICS for Haddie Girl!!!
What am I going to do with this boy?!?
This is the way I caught him 
studying his spelling words...
a game on the iPad and the words 
in his hand!!!  I don't think so!!!
Sister got her own Bitmoji!!!!!
FLU SHOT TIME for all of us!!!!!!!!
I love October with my favorite four❤

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