Monday, April 4, 2016

Thanksgiving 2015

Walking into Wesley Woods Nursing
Home before the break of day was
what the morning of Thanksgiving Day
looked like for me.  I needed to go
and relieve our night nurse
and sit with my precious dad
to make sure he was okay and didn't
get up and didn't get combative.
I had no problem being there for him...
just as he has always been there for me.
I was just sad that this is where
we found ourselves.  
On my drive to Wesley Woods
early that morning, I heard a sermon
on K-Love (or one of the Christian 
stations I love).  Interesting 
the many different ways God
speaks to us when we need it most!
The sermon was about 
Faith, Family, Friends, 
Finances and the Future ~
meaning our ultimate future which 
is all that matters.  
I literally took sermon notes 
when I pulled into the parking lot
and then texted them to my mom
and sisters:)  The sermon reminded
me that we must keep our eyes on 
the prize which is our ultimate
future if we believe in Jesus Christ
like we do.  This future is 
the one that includes Travis being
whole and able AND now one
where my Dad will be whole and healthy.  
About that same time my dear
friend from high school, Jeremy,
sent this verse to encourage me:
Obviously our Thanksgiving was FAR
 from normal, but I tried to make it
special for my sweet little family.  
My girl:)
She's my little light.  
The zoomed in photos Hadlee 
loves to take of Hudson 
provide me with much laughter:)
God bless this little guy.
He's such a comfort to my broken heart...
yet again.  
I've said this a hundred times...
but it's true ~
God knew we needed this little love.  
Then there's my Big Boy!!!
I couldn't make it without him!
I can't even remember what brought
on this impromptu photo session;)
Troy had gone to do something
for my mom.  A very rare moment
when I was ready and he was not, 
so I guess that brought on a photo shoot;)
It's amazing how my heart can be
so hurt and troubled and broken, 
yet FULL because of who surrounds me.  
Full of Laughter!
Full of Giggles!
Full of Gratitude!!!
Full of LOVE!
Thank you, Lord!
Everything with my dad was so 
fresh and difficult,
we just couldn't pull together a Thanksgiving.
Quite honestly, I didn't want to...
not with my dad in the current situation.
And with my sweet mother ~
completely and utterly devastated.
My sisters and I were heartbroken
and we just kinda decided to write 
off this year's Thanksgiving.  
You have to do that sometimes.  
It's okay.  
BUT...I do have three very special
little loves who deserve a Thanksgiving.
They are luckily very 
much like their Mama and could
care less about food ~ even on 
Thanksgiving Day!  ha!
Therefore, Whataburger worked for us!!!
The five of us were together...
THAT is what matters:)
These three fun and precious souls...
they know all wasn't right in our little world,
but they plugged on not having
me around much the last two weeks
yet loving me all the same.  
I made some sopapillia cheesecakes
for the morning and evening staffs.  
We were so thankful for some of them
and the way they were accepting us and 
loving us and taking care of our dad.  
It's the VERY least I could do.
God bless their souls having to 
work on Thanksgiving Day.  
Mother spent the day by Dad's side. 
with Whataburger to Go;)
We all piled in Dad's room!
This wasn't our first Thanksgiving 
spent in a medical facility...
Joy?  Well, Joy, our new friend
brought us JOY!  :)
I still can't understand or believe
how quickly all of this happened.
He hardly knew us:(
BUT that wasn't/isn't going to 
stop us from loving him 
through whatever this ugly disease brings!
Of all of us, he had such a special
heart for Hadlee.....
Then we all moved out into the hall.
Beatrice visited us;)
Otto joined....
What a three loves
standing outside my dad's new room
with a picture hung outside so he could
see his picture to find his way 
back to his room.  
A new world I wish we'd never 
been introduced to.....
Proud of the awesome 
sign her class made for PaPa!!!
Sweet Grandmother...we LOVE you.  
Our new friends brought us
much laughter!  They are all 
so funny and precious ~
you have to laugh.  
Precious Adelle!!!!!!!!!
Very last minute, Troy decided
to grill out steaks for us that night!
Hadlee set the table...  
Sweet little Mama trying to make
our day special:)
Everything is special to me
with these four.......
Our Thanksgiving Day ended 
with us being so very grateful 
for each other!  
I hope my children will carry this
day and the message from it
all the days of their lives...
it was one I tried to teach them
all day long (and another key point
in that sermon I had heard on the
radio early that morning!!!):
Thanksgiving is NOT 
a choice of circumstance!
Very, very early the next morning
there I was walking into Wesley Woods
again to be with my Dad...
THANKFULLY, the nurses
already had him out of bed
and had put him in his chair.
His night had been okay and he
was sleeping again....
Thanksgiving 2015...
one I learned much from and will 
carry with me, but also one I'm
still going to write off!!!

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Mrs. Davison said...

Mindy, you are amazing! I'm not sure how I found you, but I know the Lord wanted it this way. You teach me so much... You are such a great example! Thank you for sharing your trials, joys, and life with others. You truly touch so many people you don't even know!