Friday, April 8, 2016

Mira, My Intern

I seriously do not know how
I got another absolutely AMAZING
intern for my classes!!!
My classes loved Mira as much as I did:)
She's now a dear, dear friend!!!
I'm sad that she was only with us
for one semester.  It went by too quickly.  
One of our classes was super special
and super funny to us.  For some odd,
crazy reason they were wild over
PEARS.  Everything involved pears
to this class!  Mira and I would find
pears hidden in the class, in our stuff,
at our desks, etc.  Mira and I had to 
get them back, so on her very last day,
we told them that we had pizza for them.
They rushed to open the pizza box
only to find PEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mrs. PEARce and Miss B got them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It was so funny!!!!!
How cute are they?!?
Mira and I made a great teaching team.
We especially loved teaching 
Twelve Angry Men together.  
This class in particular took it to 
the extreme of course and since the
jurors in the play smoked, they 
created their own "cigarettes" out of
paper to act out the scenes.  They are 
such a mess!!!!
apPEARantly this was our favorite class;)
The girls loved Miss B!
Sweet Class, Sweet Mira
With everything going on in my own
life, I had to miss quite a bit of school.
Mira was a LIFE SAVER!!!!!!!!
She stepped right in and took over.
Thank you, Lord!
My little H's adore Mira, too!
The students were so sad to see
her go.  Thankfully, she got a job
mid-year teaching English here on
another grade level!!!  Wahoooooo!
I feel very blessed and honored
to have an intern...and then when it's
one as smart and driven and talented
as Mira, I feel even MORE blessed!!!
It's not easy to let someone come 
into your class and teach your students,
but Mira came right in and loved 
and blessed my students.  
We miss her!

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