Monday, April 18, 2016

Hadlee's Choir Trip & Behavior Bucks

Sweet, Precious Girl ready to 
go on her choir trip to downtown Waco!!!
My sweet and dear mother escaped 
and went to hear her sing.......
Grandmother needed this!!!!!!!!!!
I only have video of her precious
little class singing their Christmas songs!  
I adore these two little besties! :)
4th Grade ~ 9 years old

That afternoon the 4th graders had
their "Behavior Bucks Auction"
The students earn "bucks" for 
good behavior all semester.  
Hadlee had the max amount 
of bucks you could get!!!
So did Walker when he was in the 
4th grade...wonder if Huds will?!!  ha!
I CRACKED up when I saw that
Hadlee spent her whole ALLOTMENT
 on Sumo Bumper Boppers!!!!!!!!!
They were a big hit at home!!!!!!
Silly Girl!!!!!!!!!!!
I love her spunk and joy for life!!!
(Little Bro loves it, too!)

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