Saturday, December 20, 2014

Thanksgiving Break!

As soon as Big Huds heard Walker 
was playing basketball now, 
he started practicing!
In Walker's old jersey of course...
These girls are something else!  
Love them so much!
At the creek...
Helping little brother at the creek :)
Just go ahead and melt my heart.  
They love it at this silly creek! 
I sat in the car and watched...
too cold for mama!  ;)
This silly boy.  

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Playing at Cowboy Stadium!

In a CRaZY turn of events, our Super Bowl
game was canceled due to bad weather
and moved to the next day at 6:00 -
exactly when our team had been invited
to play at Cowboy Stadium.
After much pleading to our league and the
other team (the Panthers biggest rival
for years and years - Southern),
there was no resolution. 
They were not going to change
the championship game time and of course
we weren't going to miss out on the
once in a lifetime chance to play
at Cowboy Stadium.  This was a
tough one for the boys (and many
of the parents) to understand, but
we had no choice.
So off to Dallas we all went on Sunday, November 23rd!  
Pierce Party of Five!!!
AT&T Stadium!!!!!!
We were all SO excited!!!!!!!
Precious as EVeR and ready to CHeeR!!!
A dream come TRUE!!!
Walking on the actual field:)
(He's "played games" on this field
several times...but for pretend!)
First, our team and their families 
had a tour.  Including into the Cheerleader's
Dressing Room!!!!!!!!!!!
I grew up knowing that these cheerleaders
were a big deal!  My dad always loved them;)
Not all of these boys are into girls
yet...but what a treat regardless!!!!
I think our cheerleaders are cuter! 
Had to get Big Huds a pic in here, too!!!
ANdddddddd, even Daddy, too!!! ;)
Then it was the players' locker room!!!
LOVE how Hudson is always included!
Walker, Cooper, Walker, Reid, Logan, Jonah, Jared, Blake
Witten is my favorite Cowboy...
and Walker is just my favorite.  
HAD to get a pic for my little quarterback
by Romo's spot of course!!!
My quarterback is THE cutest!!!
I just had to have Troy take my pic
in front of Witten's locker.  
Troy and I saw Romo and Witten
at a concert a few years ago.  
We joke about this all the time because
Troy noticed them and I adamently
said that it wasn't them....
until I noticed all the people
staring and taking pictures of them
a little while later.
Then I said, "Hey look,
there's Jason Witten and Troy Romo!"
PRESS ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is where the Cowboys run out from...
Such a cool experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hudson is obsessed with "run outs"
so this was especially cool for him.
He practiced running out!!!;)
Girl Power!!!!!!!!!!
What a PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Loved watching Walker and his
best buds experience all of this together.  
Dreaming BiG with Daddy.  
Hudson kept practicing his run-out!  
Pierce Party of Five!!!
Sister Power!
Brothers & Sisters on the Team
"Let's do the run out again!"
All my H's(:
My Future Star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Literally ON the field!!!  ;)
Huds & Nadali are funny!!!
Doing the "X" for Ed on KWTX,
our local sports channel...
This one with Hudson in it made the news!!!
Tri-City Panthers 2014
The girls decorating their cow bells!
Being SiLLY at the STaR!
Precious little sisters!!!!!!!!!!!
It has been so fun watching these
little girls who go to different schools
or are in different grades at the
same school BOND as little besties:)
Huds on the Star by himself.
This was his idea for a pose!
Football Stance READY!!!!!!!!!
My sweet little love...
Cheer BiG, Sweet Girl!!!
She is my little doll!!!
Finally it was time for the 
Panthers first game!!!
We were scared when we saw
the other teams walking in...
they had some BIG boys!
I love my wide receiver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Look at #86 in his stance!!!
We WON Game #1!!!!!!!!!
Way to Go, Panthers!!!
Two more games to come......
Love being with my second daughter!
And Hadlee loves LOVES 
being with her Big Sissy!!!
How about this guy?!?
He had to have a
"My Brother Played in AT&T Stadium" shirt! 
The cheerleaders were ROCKIN'
it on the field!  Kaylee, one of the 
junior cheerleaders joined them!
Ready for Game #2!!!
This team was from Oklahoma
and they were big boys, too!!!!
at AT&T Stadium of course! ;)

We WON Game #2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You Go, Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Walker looked huge out there!!!!!!
I just kept thinking 'what an 
experience for my children'!!!!
Walker did awesome in all three games!
He pretty much played the entire time
on offense and some defense.  
This was Game #3!!!
Panthers WIN their final game
at Cowboy Stadium!!!
These three little girls had a BLAST!
And so did this little player:)
Undefeated at Cowboy Stadium!!!
Here comes my Stud Muffin!!!
What a DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Definitely one we won't forget!!!
Troy and I really wanted Walker
to wait until 7th grade to play football,
but he begged and insisted ON HIS OWN
to play for the Tri-City Panthers.
It was the best decision and
this is a picture of a VERY proud 
Dad with his son...
This guy is my heart and soul.
I couldn't be more proud of him.  
The quarter Back & his Receiver...
but even better, best of friends.  
New friends, too!  This has been awesome!
THE Walker(S)
Best Day!
Finished the night with more
fun all going out to eat in Dallas! 
This team truly became like
one big family :)
And then OF COURSE many,
many "look at this picture"
pictures!!!!!!!!  Haley is the master
at this game!!!!!!!!!
Leave it to me to try to do one
AND get myself in it!!!!!!!!!!!
We all thought our waitress looked
just like someone we all know from Waco;)
Never a dull moment with this gang!!!
This is how we all felt by the time we got
home that night well after midnight!
Then that next day sportscaster Ed
talked about the Panthers
and showed the picture!!!
Ed even mentioned Walker on the broadcast!
It meant so much that the coach's wife
sent in the picture with Hudson in it.
She said she never even thought twice about
that!  One big family!!!!
This day at Cowboy Stadium and 
the entire season was so memorable. 
Walker did AWESOME ...
he was tough and did so well
especially being it was his first 
year to play amongst a team full
of boys who had all played before.
PROUD of HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This little girl had the time of 
her life and made new best friends.
She was an absolute doll cheering!
And this guy...well, he ran out
and got that tee faster than anyone ever.
He pretended all year to be on his
own team and he does 
Dream Big and I hope he never stops!