Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Curls and More! :)

Sister is getting so good
at her back handspring!!!
I can't believe how far she has come!
This kid.
Did NOT want mommy to take his picture;)
I was shocked by his pout!!!
Reading herself to sleep...
Ping Pong at PE!
Love that Hadlee's PE teacher
posts on Instagram!!!
One of my precious former students
who is now a senior comes and eats
lunch in my room.  She had been
talking about curling my hair and one
day she showed up ready to do it!!!
And that she did!!!!!!!!!!!
We were cracking up that this
was taking place in my classroom!
I love my Marissa!!!
Precious memories from when she
was in my sophomore class.
Facetiming with my
FaVoRiTe GiRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Walker was pumped with the
book that his librarian chose
for his Birthday Book!!!
Hopefully someday Hudson will
check this out at River Valley
and see Walker's name!
Sweet Boy loves to go to Mrs. Janice's...
and take her treats.  I would take
her a gift every single day if I could!
This was my THANKFUL board at school...
it kinda got crazy;) But I was pleased
that Jesus was the #1 response. 
"Women" and "Hot Girls" was another
popular response!!!!!!!!! ;)
Look who got busted for sleeping
in my classroom!!!!!!!!
The whole class was CRACKING up!
Marissa thought I needed curls
on another day!!!!!!!!!!! (:
Wish I could make my hair do this!!!
All in a day's work;)
(by the way...this takes place during a break!)
I love my job!!!!!!!!!!
and I LOVE my Students!!!
Pep Rally!!!
Time for the second play off game
against Highland Park!
My girls! 
I am doing a Selfie Challenge
where I try to get in as many selfies
of my students as possible!
They take sooooooooo many,
it makes me laugh! Now they are
sending them to me;)
Late Friday night I got to go to the SPA:)
It was quite the treat!  ;)
I had the girlies while all the parents and
boys went to see a movie!
We were facetiming with Haley one
afternoon and THIS happened!!!!!!;)
Precious Pie in her PJ's(:

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