Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Day in Hudson's Life

Sunday, November 16th
went like this for Hudson:
he played three separate football games
(each of which he dressed in his full
pads and Midway jersey);  painted
three rooms of our house;
bought a pet snake and named it
after Walker's friend - Logan;  went
on a trip in an airplane with
a suitcase;  checked in at Hotel Hadlee; 
had Jake, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
over;  washed my car;
broke his wrist during a tackle in
the last game;  wore a cast made out
of paper towels the rest of the day; 
played video games in the basement; 
took his snake to the vet and it
had a baby;  went to the hospital
for his wrist and got an IV
from Dr. Walker;  and finally
came home to recover...
 Glad we don't play into his
imaginative quests at all;)
I couldn't make all this up if I tried!
But these were all the various things
he played during that one day. 
His imagination is out of
this world!  I love it.
I love him!

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snekcip said...

Mindy!!! I so thought yall had bought a snake and Sweet Hudson broke his wrist!!! Whew!! Okay...I calmed down when I see it was all "his imagination!" Okay with that being said...MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ONE OF MY FAVORITE BLOGGER FRIENDS. Hug those beautiful kiddos for me!!! Now to prove to blogger I'm not a ROBOT (searching for some reading glasses)