Saturday, December 6, 2014

Let's Go Panthers

Going to the Super Bowl 
AND to Cowboy Stadium called
for some SPiRiT signs!!!
The cheerleaders and some moms 
got the job done!!!!
But of course Hudson said
he needed a run-through sign
for his play off game!  ;)
Sister helped him...
and they accidentally left off the "w" in Midway!;)

The moms and cheerleaders got off 
track when the boys called from practice
that everyone was going to go eat pizza;
so THIS mama had to finish another day!
Love the team's mantra:
One Heart, One Soul, One Team.
Walker said "One Mind" is also
in there, but it was too late!  ;)
The Pierce Party does have SPiRiT!!!
And so do the PaNTHeRS!!!!!!
And just like that it was time to load up
and go win our last games!!!

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