Wednesday, April 5, 2017

STORM in Big D!!!

In a caravan to Big D for a STORM
tournament and we pass by this RV!
Exactly what we need:)
Takes a lot of prep work to 
prepare the outfits for STORM
weekends for Ella & Hadlee;)

Ready to Roll!
This kid can't get out of the car
quickly enough to start throwing;)
A beautiful day for baseball!
Let's Go #25!!!
LOL!  Ella had a soccer tournament that
morning across town.  Waiting for
Ella's arrival is BRUTAL;)
Especially when Hadlee starts
taking pictures of us;)
I mean REALLY, Hadlee!!!
We have A LOT of fun on this team:)
Then I catch a glimpse of these two...
They melt my heart.  
My boy on the MOUND!!!
A picture of Walker & Ryan
when they were much younger
popped up on Jennifer's
Facebook so we had to recreate it!
Handsome Guys!
Friends since Pre-K!!!
My Sidekicks:)
Saturday Night...
Kathi's Panoramic!  ;)
Baseball Sisters
My Man❤
Back to the hotel for some
late night swimming...
It was like a WAVE pool!!!
Then it turned into synchronized swimming practice;)
I love how Hudson is in it!
The girls were the grand finale!  ;)
My MAN?!?
Really, honey?!?  
Let's do it all over again!
These boys are a MESS!!!
Cutie Pies!!!
Love this sight...
We fought so hard but came up 
one game short :(
A family pack of mozzarella sticks
made us feel better;)
AND the pic collage Hadlee created
made us CRaCK UP!!!!!

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