Sunday, April 2, 2017

Hudson's First Select Tournament

Hudson was asked to play on a 
little select Midway team
that was formed of 7 & 8 year old boys ~
except for Huddy and another
little boy who are six and the two
youngest on the team.
He chose #25 to be like his big Brother!
They played in an all day tournament
for their first one.  These boys played
FIVE games in one day!!!
The Future of Midway!!!!!!!!!!!
I was off with Walker at a STORM
tournament and had to miss Hudson's:(
He did so well and had a blast!
Daddy sent me videos all day long
of his AWESOME hitting!!!!
Thankfully Hadlee went along to help
Daddy and hang with Ann Marie.
Big Sisters are the BEST.  
Huds loves that Clark & Brooks
& Griffin are on the team!!!!!
We are so, so proud of our 
newest #25!!!!!!!!!!

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