Saturday, September 24, 2016

March Days 2016

In this season of life, 
I am busy and stressed.  
My friends are busy and stressed.
Now my family is busy and stressed.  
THiS makes all the difference.....
and I know it's happening!
Walker at Justin's B-day Party!
Spring Scrimmage:
Storm Siblings:)
Hadlee insisted on bringing her 
trophy to show everyone;)
I love that warm weather is in sight!!!!!!!
7th period...a class I won't ever forget!
Coby & Tall Boy
Spring Little League...Let's Go!!!
BLUE Day at MHS!
Blessed by these ladies in BLUE!
Walker wore this shirt when he was
about 6 or 7 for an election...
now Huds is wearing it!!!!!!!
"Look for able men from all the people,
men who fear God, 
who are trustworthy and hate a bribe,
and place such men over the people."
Exodus 18:21
Sweet Girl sick :(
She'll always be my favorite baby girl.  
Perking up!!!!!!!!!!!
Mother with her high school friends!  
This is what an exhausted, active
7th grade boy can look like!!!
Haley Softball Shirts!!!!!!!!!!!
THE 7th Period Squad!
P's last day at MHS :(
Kate's Cheer Tryouts!!!!!!!!
Angel Baby got sick AGAIN:(
Sweet kisses like this
 get me through everything!

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