Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hoodie Hunt

The Annual HOODIE Hunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With the annual Hoodie Hunt
"Garage Door" Picture;)
Except we were missing the Dittmanns
VERY much (they spent the semester in Europe!)...
Our beautiful Hoodie Girls!!!
Let the Hoodie Hunt begin!!!
This little guy was ready!!!
Cute Hoodie Littles:)
I absolutely love the wonder 
and thrill for my little love:)
And I love a big sister
who wants to help her little brother:)
My BIG Love is still all about the hunt, too!!!
This just happens to be the
cutest chick I know....
And of course my Angel Baby.....

After the kids finished hunting their
eggs, this gorgeous gal came
out with sweet treats...
 Seriously our neighborhood is one
of THE greatest blessings in
my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Super B!!!
Cutie Pie Bryce!

It's like we are all family...
especially these two "brothers"!!!!!!!
The Absolute Hosts with the MOSTs!!!!!!!
Such sweet loves....
Such a lucky little girl.....
Maybe an Easter pic of my three?!?
But probably not?!?
Even more FUN...
ConfETTi eggs!!!!
 Karen took these pictures of
my little girl love......
 They capture Haddie's JOY!!! 
I love them!!!!!!!

She IS pure JOY!!!!!!
So is our Lanny LOVE!!!
Even at nine years old with cupcake
all over his face, I could still
eat this BIG kid up!!!
Out of nowhere my REALLy big Love
showed up for the Hoodie Hunt!
Not just to give some sweet kisses...
Or to hug on Wifey a little bit....

BUT mainly to give golf cart rides!!!!!
These two sure do make a cute couple!!!;)

Cute golf cart driver;)
Then it was time to rush home
and get ready for some baseball practice!!!
Little man in his favorite ride;)
And since I didn't get to have my picture
made with Huds at his "school" hunt,
Haddie took these...
He is pure bunny love!!!
Such a sweet day...
School parties, a Hoodie Hunt,
and lots of Easter love!!!
"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord
Jesus Christ!  In His great mercy He has given
us new birth into a living hope through the
resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead."
1 Peter 1:3