Thursday, December 30, 2010

A True Christmas

Merry, Merry Christmas!!!

I'm REALLY, really trying to get
caught up on my blog.
It's a MAJOR goal of mine for the holidays.
I'm a little O.C.D. on certain things, so
I must pick up where I left off waaaaaay
back in August. It's just the way my mind works.
SO....I still have Back to School, Hillcrest
Hospital days, Halloween,
my ten month old WALKING,
Thanksgiving, MANY trips to and from
the hospital in Austin, lots of things
in between and finally Christmas 2010
(which was AMAZING!!!).

Christmas Day actually marked five
months since Travis' accident.
While I still hate, hurt, and cry over that
event every single day, I also REJOICE
in how far my handsome and amazing
nephew has come......with all the
GLORY going to GOD!

If you don't believe in miracles,
then please join Trav's story!
It has been miracle after miracle.
We are told anything beyond him
waking up is MIRACULOUS.
Yes, his medical team never
believed he would wake up!!!
GOD is GOOD!!!

Travis is still not able to talk,
walk or eat on his own.......
and those aspects are absolutely heartbreaking,
but we aren't giving up!
Not EVER!!!

Here is my entire family on
Christmas Day with Travis
at Texas Neuro Hospital.........

All of the aunts and uncles came together to get Travis an iPad for Christmas. This was totally and completely Troy's idea and he took care of everything to make it happen. Thank you, my love! Travis was SO excited over his iPad!!! :) Finally something he can learn to communicate with us on and also something to occupy him. BEST money we have ever spent!

I sent two Christmas cards together this year. I have a million thank you notes to write and just can't seem to get them done. So, for now, this Superman thank you card will have to do. I truly am so thankful for all of the prayers and support we have received. It's unbelievable.

It was also my precious little Hudson's first Christmas! Oh my sweet, sweet Baby Love! You are the light of our lives! And such a silly little mess now, too! I am so incredibly blessed with my three angel babies! :)))))) They are my everything.

I hope I never, ever forget the wave of emotion when I hugged Travis on Christmas Day. To feel him wrap his arms around me almost overwhelmed me. To know that exactly five months before, I thought I was touching him for the very last time. God has performed a complete and total miracle and I have witnessed it. I am SO beyond THANKFUL. Although we were two hours from home spending Christmas in a hospital with my once fun-loving, crazy nephew who can no longer speak or function on his own, it was STILL the most amazing Christmas ever. My family and I feel God's love all around us and we see His miracles every time we look at Travis.

Hope your Christmas was Merry & Bright!

More blog coming SOON...really for my own records, but wanted you to know anyways! ;)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Week Before

I'm sorry for the title, but that's just what it is.
Our last carefree week before our world was ROCKED.
What I am about to tell you is NO lie...
the Thursday before the accident, I was driving
down Old Temple Road with my kids in the car.
I can remember this SO VIVIDLY.
I had just passed over Sun Valley Drive.
I can't remember where I was going, but
I remember I had a smile on my face.
I SO CLEARLY remember thinking
"Wonder what it's like for people who can't
drive around with a smile on their face?"
I was at total peace, total joy, total contentment.
It's crazy...because I remember really thinking
that through and feeling so sorry for
people who can't drive around smiling. ha!
Who knew that within three days of that
very moment, I'd be on the same street
crossing over Sun Valley knowing EXACTLY
what it's like to NOT be able to drive
around with a smile?
In fact at that moment and the many subsequent
drives over that street to and from the hospital
all I knew was tears...more than I had
ever shed in my entire life.

Carrie and her girls came to visit from Lousiana
that week! We had such a fun time as ALWAYS
hanging out with these beauties!!!Logan & Walker always hit it off like they haven't missed a beat! :)

Look at those two in this picture! So cute! I sure hope Kate Kate wasn't seeing that! ;)

Kelli & I always love when Carrie visits. You just couldn't know a better person than Carrie! Thankfully, Carrie was still here when the accident happened and she was so kind to my family and me.

Two gorgeous TWINS' mommies!

It was also Carrie's first time to meet Hudson! I think Carrie needs her a little baby boy! ;)

I don't really make the Princess Pie take a nap anymore. Her little body lets her know when she needs one though...and she usually just crashes right then and there!

Tan little thing!!!

Walker is always proud to show Hudson off to his friends. It's really cute. When Hudson is at Walker's school, all the little kids come up and say "Hi Hudson!" They all already know him. Walker is a proud big bro at home & at school!LOOK what Karen found for BABY LOVE!!!..........such a special treat! :)

Saturday morning in bed with my boys..........Auntie Kimberly Mo...don't you love his little pj's?!? They were my favorite! Thank you! Meeting his new buddy Witten (my dear high school friend Brooke's baby boy)...such a cutie!Hudson loves his baby bed! Boo hoo...the cradle days were really over! :(God love his little heart!Hudson is a fun little guy!

Daddy says Hudson is the happiest little person he's ever met. I agree!I think Walker agrees, too! ;)The Week Before was a GREAT week! Thankfully I do smile sometimes when I'm driving around again. It's not the same smile quite yet, but I have a feeling that some day my smile is going to be 100% back...BETTER than EVER. Thank you, Sweet Jesus, for smiles and miracles!!! :))))))))