Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sick Days... for lots of game playing!
For once in my life, I actually
thought I was going to WiN 
in a matching game against Sweet Girl.  
BUT, it didn't happen!!!  ;(
Sick Days also call for...
TENTS in the living room!!!!!!!!!!
...and indoor football games.
(He literally played football in my room
for 45 minutes ~ running, tackling,
catching the ball, scoring, etc!!!)
Then a fashion show!!!!!!!!!!;)
But mostly sick days with this
girl mean A LOT of snuggling!!!!!!!
This sweet thing is a CUDDLE BUG...
even when she's not sick! 
Sweetest little girl in the world(:
Feeling better, but still had to make
a trip to Dr. G's...strep it was!  :(
That just meant another day of game playing!  
Cutest little Banker, EVER.
Almost all better called
for a USwirl trip!!!!
The day Hadlee went back to school,
sweet Jersi Girl gave her this card.
What a sweet, sweet friend!!!!!!!!!!
Jersi Girl did this on her own
and it brought tears to my eyes.
So thankful they have each other!!!
Unfortunately a whole week later,
Walker came home from school
burning up with fever:(
He left that morning feeling fine,
but he said during SECOND period
he started feeling bad.  He never
told anyone although several friends
and teachers asked if he was okay.
When I got to him, he had 103 fever:(
He had an important play off football
game the next day and that's why
he didn't say anything about being
sick.  He thought if he made it
through the day that he could still play
in his game the next day. 
He thought wrong:(
Last minute I texted our doctor
and he let me run Walker up to his
office for a flu and strep test
(after hours when his own son was
about to play in a real play off game...
God bless our kind doctor!!!).
Negative on both, but our doctor
highly suspected it was still flu -
just too early to test positive.
This was a heart breaker for Walker.
Lots of tears were shed over
not being able to play in his game.
Took a lot of pep talks and his team
rallying for him and telling him
they'd win the game for him.
And they did!!!!!!!!
Poor Guy pretty much spent the rest
of the weekend playing football
on his iTouch and watching movies
with Mama ~ which I loved(:
People who have sick children
or disabilities or illnesses themselves
are never too far from my mind,
but especially when my own are sick.
It is SO hard seeing your children
hurt or be sad.  I can't imagine
it what it's like for those that it never
lets up.  All I can do is keep them
close in my prayers and pray that
I never know that feeling. 
It can happen in an instant though. 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Huds and Football

Not only does he (pretend to) play
football all the time, ask for
new football gear every day,
and play in his brother's and his
brothers' friends football stuff;
but he also draws himself playing
football at Mrs. Janice's.....
Here he is when he got a hold of
 Jared's practice jersey at our house one day!
Love my little football STAR so much(:

Friday, November 28, 2014

Hadlee's Fall Open House

Hadlee is loving third grade!!!!!!
Having her best friend with her
certainly helps, too!  Plus
she has such a super sweet teacher...
We love Ms. Penson(:
Sweet Girl is very diligent about
her school work.  She cares about her
grades and reads and does her homework.
I love that she wants to be a smart girl:)
All A's so far!!!
She has such great handwriting!!!
She wanted to show me every
last detail in her notebooks!  
Huds and I were shocked by
what she showed us on her iPad....
An Aggie football player?!???!!!!
Brother and Daddy would have been so
proud, but they were at football!  
Hard to believe that at next year's fall
open house, we will be visiting
both of their teachers!!!
I am treasuring these days. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Dad's 75th Birthday!

We were so excited to try and surprise
my Dad on his 75th Birthday!!!
I think we did:)
We served La Fiesta fajitas
and all the fixings:)
Hook 'Em vs. Sic 'Em
PaPa is very loved!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As handsome and distinguished
as ever at age 75!!!!!!!!!!
I love my dad so much!!!
And boy does he love meeeeeeeeee(:
He loves ALL of his girls so much!
Macy had to facetime him since
she couldn't be there/lives out of town.
Blue morph photo bomber!!!  ;)
Singing to PaPa!!!
Grandmother's famous chocolate cake...
she had to make it for Logan
and Mical especially!  :)
Good times!  Just wish that Hunter and Macy
could have been there that night
AND that Hadlee wasn't sick:(
 This man loves his girls!!!
The hardest man in the WORLD to buy for.
He has never wanted anything!!!
Brother/Sister LOVE! 
My Guys...
Sweet girl spent the whole night
in my bedroom in bed:(
with fever (strep throat!!!)
She hated missing her PaPa's party,
but she felt horrible.
  PaPa hated missing her:( 
When we started planning the party,
I sent this hilarious picture to my 
sisters and told them I was going to post it
on Facebook.  Lynna didn't like it of
herself sooooooooooooooo....
I did this to it before I posted it!!!  HA!
I felt so very thankful to be celebrating
my dad and that it was such a good time.
Bless his heart, he has been struggling
lately with memory and some other issues.
My dad is a good, good man.
He's a sweet, funny, crazy dad
who loves his girls (and now his boys, too)
so, so much.

We couldn't love W.H.Gibson more!
Praying his 75th year brings him many blessings(: