Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas EVE

Aunt Jessica is the BEST!
Hooked up all the cousins with a gift
to open on Christmas Eve morning:)
Marshmallow Guns for ALL!!!
Perfect thing to occupy the crazy cousins;)
AND some of the BiG KiDs!!!
Sweetest Girl Cousins
Then Jennifer hooked them up with LOTTERY tickets!!!
Hadlee won $20!!!!!!!!!!
After the best Mexican food lunch prepared
by Cindy, it was time for Round 1 of gifts!!!
Love our Super Boy Luke!!!!!!!!!!!!
The year of the X-box!!!
Another American Girl year!!!
Just the year of FuN for this guy:)
Fave gift of the year...from Aunt Cindy & Uncle James!
Kindle Fire for Mamaw!  She loves it!!!
Huddy loves his scooter, too!!!
Girl Power!
The Host & Hostess with the Most & Mostess
I love my Grandmother so much!
Uncle Bubba & his Girl
May God bless these two abundantly in the coming days!!!
Next we headed over to the Robinetts
for a huge Chinese Christmas!!!
It was wild and crazy...
and Hudson just couldn't take it!  Poor Baby!
PaPa got a scarf!;)
Granny, Jessica and I worked as a team
to get the gifts we wanted!!!!!
Cuzin' Luvin'
Five Generations!
Grandparents are the BEST!
Great Grandparents are, too!!!

This is such a fun and amazing family,
and it all started with these two right here...
Hadlee had so much fun hanging
out with Jolie;)  As always!
It was hard to say good bye:(
McKenna put on her new pj's
and we headed home late
Christmas Eve...
With Johnny ManzELF along for the ride!!!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Eve Eve

The morning of Monday, December 23rd...
Christmas Eve Eve
Eleven Years Old
Seven Years Old
Three Years Old
(four in less than a month!!!)
Just a little bit excited to open presents!!!

I love my babies so much!!!
We put out our reindeer food before
we left town knowing we wouldn't
be back until late Christmas Eve... 
Look who's in charge;)
Counting my blessings at
  Christmas and everyday... 
 Hanging out at Grandma Pierce's...
Hudson at Grandma & PaPa Robinett's... 
That night we went to Aunt Jean's house
to see Santa!  This is always so special:)
I absolutely love this picture...
we are all so intently listening to Hudson talk
to Santa.  I love that it's the five of us
and I love the light shining down. 
There's so much magic in Christmas ~
especially through the eyes of a sweet three year old. 
Pierce Party of Five
Peace Love Joy
Aunt Jean's house is the BeST!!!! 
Huds decided he needed to go
back and tell Santa one more thing;)

Fun with our cousins, too!