Monday, October 29, 2012

Cheerleader Hadlee :)

Hadlee attended the Midway High School
Cheer Clinic on September 29th...
Hudson and I were excited to take
Hadlee & Kimi that morning:)
Kimi's sweet mommy had her baby
brother the day before this!!!
As I left, I noticed Hadlee was in the
front with a sweet cheerleader
she had already attached herself to! ;)
They learned some cheers and a cute dance!
Haddie loves the MHS Cheerleaders:)
Troy and I came to watch the little
 "show" they put on at the end.  
Haddie Girl did AWESOME!:)
Sweet Angel...
Two sweet angels....
This is my student, Taylor!:)))
She had already spotted and talked
to Hadlee during the clinic!
I couldn't resist a couple of pics
in the middle of the gym...
This was the precious cheerleader
that Hadlee attached herself to...

The following Friday night,
Hadlee got to CHEER at the game!!! 
It was the Panther Pink Out for
Breast Cancer Awareness Night!!!
Ella Kate & Hadlee cheering their hearts out!!!
Our girl has some moves;)))
She was adorable:)
Kimi was, too!!!
With my sweet student, Taylor:)
 Fun Friday Night Lights!!!
 Even the PINK Panther!!!!!!!!!!!
We had so much fun being
pinked out that night!!!
We also got to see one of our two
favorite Senior guys.....
Our handsome Logan!!!
Even the Walkman sported some
PINK socks like the football players!!!

Pinked out Jonah & Walker ;)
Hudson got him some light
up sunglasses!  He's such a super star;)
PaPa and Grandmother just had
to come see our little cheerleader perform!
Mother was mad because I forgot
to tell her it was PINK out night!;(
Super Hero & Super Sassy
I love my two H's!!!
(and their Big Brother who was
hanging with his buddies
and T-Daddy Love who I'm not
sure why didn't make it into any pics!)
Such a special night for our
sweet little pinkalicious cheerleader!
"But thanks be to God,
which gives us VICTORY
through our Lord Jesus Christ!"

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fourth Grade at the Pep Rally

I had waited on this day for years..
the day the elementaries bring the 4th graders
to a Pep Rally at MHS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why so special THIS year?!?
Because my Walker IS a 4th grader! :)))
Hudson also got to was so funny
because some new teachers at MHS
were asking me about my boys.
I pointed to Walker's row saying that
was my 4th grader.  I was holding Hudson
and they started going on and on
about how he looks SO much like his
big brother.  After a few minutes,
I realized they thought Matthew
(Walker's blond, blue eyed buddy)
was MY son!!!  ha ha!  We've often
called Hudson our "Little Matthew"!!!
Speaking of Hudson,
he fell ASLEEP during the Pep Rally!
Trust was LOUD!!!
My boy doing the school song;)))
"Midway High to You Forever..."
Across the gym floor, I could see
Hunter AND Logan!!!  :)
Made me so sad to think they are
my last babies to be with me at MHS...
until MY OWN!!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously sound asleep!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sweet, cute girls around my boy!!!
Ella Reid, KATE, Ally, Claire
Walker is oblivious to girls and wants
nothing to do with a girlfriend yet
This is just fine by mama;)))
I love my 4th grade STUD MUFFIN!!!!!!!!!!
Just can't believe how quickly he is growing up:(
Thank Goodness it's into such a fine young man
with a caring, sensitive heart
and SUCH a fun personality!!!
He is my heart.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Major League Crush

I have a MAJOR League Crush...
......on two sweet, handsome ball players!!!!!!!
This picture was taken during an
actual MLB Ranger game we were watching.
Boo hoo that our Rangers didn't make
it into the playoffs :(
Hudson was suited up and ready
to play had they let him!!!
Having Walker playing fall ball
for the Rangers sure helped ease
my pain of missing the Rangers
when their season ended so abruptly.
This love for a sport is so new to me...
I actually shed tears the night
they lost! :(  I love me some
Ranger baseball...but I love
me some Walker & Hudson
waaaaaaaaaaaaay more!!!!!!!!!!