Monday, January 30, 2012

Out of Her Shell? Much!

I had NO idea this was going on
in the back seat of my car
on the drive home from school
one day.  I guess Hunter had his
music playing too loud for me
to know there was a "photo
shoot" with my phone taking place...
I do not dish out the LOL's...
I reserve "LOL" for when I
TRULY do laugh outloud.
When I found these in the
 photos on my phone...!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hadlee is by nature very shy.
Lately, my family has noticed that
she is "coming out of her shell"
(with them at least)...
They could be on to something;)
OR this could be directly related
to being Walker D's sister
for the last five and a half years! ;)
WhatEVER the case,
I absolutely LOVE these pictures!
Haddie is about as petite as they come...
but everyone who has seen these pics has
 remarked how she looks chubby!
Especially her big brother...go figure!
I think it might be the angle of her
camera lens...not that it matters anyways!
She is the cutest, most funny little not really
chubby princess I've EVER known!!!

LOVE love LOVE her!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012


This little impromptu photo shoot
absolutely captures my little love
 who was just about to turn
TWO sweet years old.................
He is cute!
He is funny!
He loves Buzz!
He is sweet!
He loves Woody!
He is curious!
He is a stinker!
He is cuddly!
He is amazing!
He IS my heart!
He is pure joy!
He is dreamy!
He is tender hearted!
He is SO fun!
I am SO in love with this
little guy from the top of
his blond head to the bottoms
of his precious toes and feet
for ALL that he is!!!!!
He is perfect to me!
For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them. Psalm 139:13-16

Saturday, January 28, 2012

While the Big Boys are Away...

While the big boys are gone to the deer
lease, we manage as best as we can. 
That usually means by shopping!  ;)
We also do Hudsy's hair in ways
that Walker won't normally let us;)
AND text pictures like THIS one to
Daddy to tell him that he SHOULD
have taken Hudson with them!!!
We don't really mean that
because then who would entertain
us like Hudson does?!?

What is the way to Haddie's heart?!?

Why Build-a-Bear Workshop of course!!!
This was Hudson's first time to
actually get his very OWN bear!!!
Huds didn't quite know what to think...
but Sister did and I sure hope
her wish comes true! 
Who is it that knows the way
into Haddie's heart?!?
That would be Uncle Wendell!
This was ALL his treat for Christmas:)
It's no coincidence that Hudson is
literally hanging on Wendell's leg...
Hudson ADORES Uncle Wendell!
Hadlee's gift card was for so much
that she got to pick out ANOTHER bear!
She let Hudson put in the
heart for her next bear...
Hunter & Lynna came along
for the fun, too!
Lynna is CRAZY over my kids!
Hudson dug into my wallet,
got my debit card out
and was swiping it on this
computer!!!!!!!  THAT KID!
We had such a fun time
and I thought it was so cute
that they wanted to come along...
especially Wendell. 
I love how my kids love him
AND vice versa!
LOVe being with my two little H's...
but always miss Walkman
when he isn't with us, too. 
OF course Haddie girl has
to have a slice of cookie cake!
Grandmother joined us later...
and Hunter got an awesome hair cut!
He's so handsome!!!
We hated to brag, but we had to
text these pics to Brother & Daddy!
Couldn't believe they had a
BUZZ bear for Huds!
Finished off our day at
Chickfila and of course on a few rides! 

The next day involved laying around
with our new Build-a-Bears
waiting on the Big Boys to get home...

And of course a late morning
trip to Shipley's:)
We do manage to have fun when
the big boys are away,
but we also miss them SO MUCH!
Hadlee literally cried her little heart out one
of the nights missing "Bubba" and Daddy.  :(
Too sweet..........

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hudson's Hunting Story ...

Wahooooooo...I've been
hearing all this talk about a hunting
trip with Daddy & Walker.
My mom put me in Walker's old
camo shirt so I'm thinking I get to go, too!
Check out my BIG brother. 
He is so cool!
Some day those hunting boots
will be mine;)
My mommy gets all teary eyed
when her big boy is leaving.
She thinks he is growing up too fast...
OH yeah, I'll help Daddy
out here in the garage get
things loaded up.  I'm SO in;)))
Here goes mom being all
sentimental again...
She thinks Walker is so handsome...
He is nine years old
and I want to be just like him!
Give it up, Mom!!!!!!!!!
Much better!  Let's talk about
this trip, Bubs......
Mommy is back at it again...
making us all pose on the back of the
truck before "we" leave. 
Mom seems to think we are
the three cutest kids in the world;)
Look how funny Walker is!
This trip is going to be a blast!!!
Gotta load up...
Not sure why Daddy is lovin'
on me like this....
I guess mommy just wanted
a picture of us before we left?!?
I usually reserve my sweet
kisses like this for mommy, BUT...
I'll dish 'em out to daddy
right now so I can guarantee my spot
on the hunting trip;)
Wahooo...Bubs is even taking
his BB gun!!!!!!!!
So much to get ready before
we leave for the deer lease....
There's my cute sister. 
She's pumped that we are leaving;)
Not really...she was all teary
eyed herself saying how much
she was gonna miss Daddy & Bubba.
What about ME?
Bubs and I having a heart to heart....
still not sure why he keeps saying,
"maybe next trip"???
  I made it into the truck!!! 
I normally don't get to ride in the
front seat like this,
but hey...I'll go with it!
Not really sure why Bubba thinks
things are funny..............
Hadlee is all serious over
there riding her bike and acting
like it doesn't bother her
that we are leaving...
Now Daddy is giving sister kisses.
It must be time to leave! :)
Why is Mom telling me to
come to her?!?  Even reaching
over to grab me???????
I really didn't get to go.  :(((
Daddy says I need to
be a little bit bigger :(

another weekend with the girls.
And everyone wonders why
I like to put on mascara!  ;)