Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Prayer for Travis

God, like a watchful Shepherd, You care for each of us. You know us individually by every strand of hair on our head, to the bottom of our feet. You know us personally and you are ever knowledgable of each of our present situations.

You alone, make the earth yield healing herbs and medicines and give us the knowledge to learn their power. Your creative love continues through the healing hands of the medical community and the healing counsel of ministers, priests and friends.We stand in continued awe of your healing powers and fully acknowledge that you continually carry this young man in your loving arms.

We may not all share the same religion, but we all serve ONE GOD and we share the LOVE we have for You, Dear God. We also come to form a bond with this family and join in their plea for a full recovery of this young man. We continually unite in prayer for this wonderful and amazing young man.

Travis has so many loved ones seeking, praying and awaiting his beautiful eyes to open. His warm smile to greet them and his loving arms to embrace them. You sent us a "ray of hope" right outside Travis' window and we fully acknowledge that you are indeed in the midst.

We ask that you contiually stand at his bedside and watch over him in his coma, as his brain "sleeps" in an attempt to recover. We ask that you continue to watch over his loved ones, Scott, Lynna, Hunter and his extended family. Their consciousness has been permanently altered as they continually try to grasp the scope of Travis' condition.

We ask that when Your gentle hand nudges Travis to awaken, and you gently whisper in his ear, "awaken my son", that he continually gains strength and perception to address the process of rebuilding and recovery.

We ask for continued partnership of the medical community, the praying community and the family in helping, uplifting and supporting this young man, that is affectionately known as SUPERMAN.

We ask for your Divine intervention.


Thank you to my dear, new friend for this prayer.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I never, ever dreamed I'd be creating a
Caringbridge site for one of my loved ones.
A dear friend opened a prayer for us
the other night at the hospital with,
"Well, God, here we are."

That's just how I feel.
God has brought my family and me to
this place and we are going to embrace it.
We are doing it for our Sweet Superman
and for our GOD who is the ONLY one
carrying Travis and us through this.

All that to say, here is the site I have
created to keep everyone updated on
Travis. We are also doing lots of updates
on Facebook which I love because I
feel it reminds people to pray
anytime they hit their Facebook icon.
As you can tell, we are still
desperate for your prayers!!!
Travis is fighting for his life...
and we need a miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I miss you, Travis! Can't wait to see your eyes,
hear your voice and hug you. My heart aches.

Thank you dear friends for your prayers and support!!!

This boy is well worth the prayers...I can assure you of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Snekcip...if you read this, will you please e-mail me at mindypierce@hot.rr.com. The prayer you posted was amazing and I'd love to use it on Travis's site. Thank you for your prayers.)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Our Superman - One Week Later

One week ago, I received a phone call that
will forever change my life. My 21 year old
nephew had been in a terrible car
accident. I was the first person the hospital
could locate because Travis' parents
were both out of town. I was also the first
person to see Travis. What I was
told that morning was DEVASTATING.
injuries to his brain. His only other
real injury is a fractured hip.
Travis has been in a self induced coma
and also a medically induced paralytic
coma since the accident.
When we reached the 72 hour mark,
the doctors began to feel confident that
Travis would survive. (MIRACLE).
Medically speaking, the injury to his
brain is awful and we do not like what
most of the doctors tell us. Instead,
we believe God has HIS hands on
Travis!!! We believe "only God knows"
how Travis will come out of this.
For now, we wait on Travis
to wake up and we PRAY PRAY PRAY.
As I look back to one week ago,
I know without a doubt that
I have already witnessed a
Travis has always loved superman.
We have taken that love and run with it
this week! The outpouring of love and
support for Travis and our family has
been UHHH to the MAY-ZING (amazing!).
We have been fed, loved, cared for,
and most of all PRAYED for.
There will never be enough thank you's
in this world. We have taken over the
ICU waiting room and we have a
shrine to OUR SUPERMAN!!!
We are all wearing superman
shirts, tatoos, rings and
bracelets (that his sweet little
girlfriends have been making).
Our entire family and extended family (friends)
have been together since Sunday morning
and Travis's friends FILL the waiting
rooms...doing just that...waiting on Travis!
Here I am with Hunter. He is Travis' 16 year old
brother. I hope you will pray for him, too.
This is truly a nightmare, BUT we are living
through it BY THE GRACE OF GOD.I feel like this post is all over the place.
I have basically come back to my blog
to beg you to keep on praying.
I have so much to share and will as I can.
We began this week living minute to minute.
Now I'd say we are living hour to hour.
MRSA, a staff infection, and pneumonia
have set in on Travis. We were told that
these things would happen, but man is
it tough. Everything is tough right now.
Tomorrow (Monday, August 2nd),
Travis will have surgery to have a
trach put in and also a feeding tube.
We are not sure how long Travis
will be in the medically induced
paralytic coma OR in his own coma.
I would also like to ask you to pray
for Lynna, my sister. Travis is her heart.
Pray like only a mommy can pray for
another mommy. I also ask for prayers
for Scott, Travis' dad. I can't tell you how
many times he tells me how he wishes
he could trade places with Travis.
It's just awful. Everything about this is awful.
we DO have hope and we DO have faith
in God. We need our Travis
back 100%. He can and will change
the lives of so many with his story.
The depth of my love for Travis is
deep to say the least. We have a very
special bond and I am missing his
hugs, his voice, his million dollar smile
and his LOVE for life. These are the
darkest days my family and I have ever
faced. I quickly found one post I knew I
had written about Travis. You'll have to
scroll down to the bottom of the post to read
a full thing I wrote about him in January of '09.

Oh, Travis! I am missing you like crazy!
I am thankful that I talked to you two days before your accident. Sweet boy told me he loved me before I even said it to him. He's just that type of kid. There isn't anybody he couldn't charm. I can't wait to really talk to him again. For now, I'll whisper in his ears and hope and pray that he can hear me.

I can't even remember which day but one day last week (around the 72 hour mark, I believe), we all looked out the window of the hospital to see this double rainbow...A sign of God's promise!

We DO believe in miracles and we are praying for one for our Superman!!! Please join me in praying. Thank you with all of my heart!